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Welcome to Coventry Accounting Services Ltd.

We offer a comprehensive range of services from basic book keeping to more complex financial needs to help you take care of your business.

We pride ourselves in providing practical solutions for business owners who might not have enough work to justify employing their own full time accountancy staff.

Small businesses can take advantage of our professional service in a a variety of skills.Work assignments can be done both inhouse or online. The assignments can be communicated through email, telephone, fax post ,collected in person or submitted online at times that are convenient to you in a flexible approach.

We invoice you only for the actual hours worked or by tasks completed which can be the perfect solution for a busy small business or entrepreneur. With our services you get all the benefits of outsourcing - no employer liabilities, tax and benefit issues, coupled with the loyalty, steadiness and dedication of a paid employee.

For an hourly fee often less than the cost of temps or the real cost of employees, you can take advantage of our professional services.


We are located at:

38 Roosevelt Drive



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